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Shortfall at Metro Bank

This Story explores the capital shortfall at UK upstart, Metro Bank. On the surface, it looks like the bank played with its accounts to help it boost returns, until it was caught by regulators. The bank was formed in 2010 by Vernon Hill with a goal of disrupting UK retail banking. His plan was, and still remains, to offer customers the very best banking experience. However, in January 2019, an accounting error was revealed. The bank had misclassified a large amount of its commercial loan book, which resulted in it having insufficient capital buffers for regulatory reasons. This led to the bank issuing new shares to increase its capital. As you can imagine, its share price plummeted on the news. But, while the facts sound bad, the handing of the situation made matters worse.

The Brexit Party

The Brexit Party is the UK’s newest single-issue political group that, as its name suggests, is looking to deliver Brexit. Nigel Farage, one of the most vocal supporters of Brexit from day one, has formed the party to first participate in the EU elections in May 2019. The party is anticipated to attract a lot of support from leavers who are frustrated with the lack of progress in departing from the EU. In this story we follow the foundation and development of the party as it looks to achieve its ultimate goal.

Brexit - Key Moments

The main events.

EU Elections May 2019

This May, a potential 360 million people will vote on who represents them in the European Parliament. As the second largest electorate in the world, the elections give citizens the chance to steer the direction of the EU for the next five years. The Parliament is responsible for setting the EU's budget, so who gets funding (and how much) will be determined by the elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), as well as passing laws and choosing the topics on the agenda. Since the last elections, there has been a rise in far-right parties across Europe, will this be replicated in the EU Parliament? We follow the elections as they unfold, keeping you up to date on the latest developments.

Big Tech IPOs 2019

Is 2019 the year of Big Tech IPOs? Uber, Lyft, Slack, ...

Mueller Investigation

The investigation into Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election

Boeing 737 MAX 8

Two crashes within 5 months call the Boeing 737 MAX 8's safety into question

Deutsche-Commerz Merger

Creating a superbank: Germany’s largest Investment & Retail banks consider a merger

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