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2019 in Review: Notable Obituaries

Who do we thank for budget airlines, cut-price clothing, and affordable investing? The passing of key people this year led us to consider these questions, and more.

Dec 20191 minute listen

Series Intro: 2019 In Review - Notable Obituaries


Jan 20198 minute listen

Herb Kelleher, Who Let Southwest Airlines Fly With Vision, Dies at 87

The New York Times

Jan 20199 minute listen

Vanguard founder Jack Bogle dies at 89

The Financial Times


Mar 20197 minute listen

Alan B. Krueger, Economist Who Reshaped Policymaking, Is Dead at 58

The New York Times

May 20195 minute listen

Niki Lauda’s magic touched all of Formula One and his legacy continues to live on

The Independent

July 20198 minute listen

Arthur Ryan, founder of Primark who created a global cut-price clothing empire – obituary

The Telegraph

Aug 20199 minute listen

Ferdinand Piëch, auto executive who made VW Europe's biggest carmaker, dies at 82

The Washington Post

Sept 201917 minute listen

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean leader who helped liberate and destroy his country, dies at 95

The Washington Post

Sept 201912 minute listen

Jacques Chirac, 86: Flamboyant French president who opposed U.S. invasion of Iraq

The Washington Post