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2019 in Review: The Year of Privacy Invasion

If you weren't aware of the dangers of the internet before 2019, you will be now. Several high-profile hacks have propelled data privacy into the mainstream.

Dec 20191 minute listen

Series Intro: 2019 in Review - The Year of Privacy Invasion


May 201916 minute listen

The Big Read: Israel’s NSO - the business of spying on your iPhone

The Financial Times


Nov 201912 minute listen

How top health websites are sharing sensitive data with advertisers

The Financial Times


July 20197 minute listen

Forget cookies. Here's the latest way advertisers are snooping on you.

The Telegraph

Aug 201917 minute listen

Instagram's privacy practices let a partner track millions of users' physical locations

Business Insider

Jan 20197 minute listen

Did Australia Poke a Hole in Your Phone’s Security?

The New York Times

Mar 20195 minute listen

Facebook Did Not Securely Store Passwords. Here’s What You Need to Know.

The New York Times

Sept 201910 minute listen

Hundreds of satellites are watching from the skies. Should you be concerned?

The Telegraph