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Best Of Noa's Long-Form Articles - Episode #5

Crisis at Facebook; Banksy goes to Bethlehem; Spotify fights Apple; The ugly world of "Fatbergs"; & more. Here are some of our must-listen, long-form articles.

Nov 201827 minute listen

Delay, Deny and Deflect: How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis

The New York Times

Dec 201717 minute listen

Banksy goes to Bethlehem

The Financial Times

19 June20 minute listen

Spotify's plan to steal Apple's podcasting crown could ignite an era of 'podcast wars'

The Telegraph

30 June16 minute listen

King of the cloud: Andy Jassy - the rock fan behind Amazon's most profitable business

The Telegraph


6 Sept21 minute listen

Artificial intelligence is changing every aspect of war

The Economist

21 Mar12 minute listen

Long Reads: What do fatbergs say about our society?

The Independent