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Big Tech IPOs 2019

Is 2019 the year of Big Tech IPOs? Uber, Lyft, Slack, ...

Oct 20186 minute listen

DealBook: Uber and Lyft Charge Toward Potential IPOs Next Year

The New York Times

Nov 20185 minute listen

Uber, Lyft, Slack, and Others Are Done With Waiting to Go Public


27 Jan6 minute listen

Rana Foroohar: Another tech bubble could be about to burst

The Financial Times

19 Feb9 minute listen

Troy Wolverton: Dual class shares - Era of all-powerful tech CEOs has only just begun

Business Insider

20 Feb5 minute listen

Pre-IPO firms could 'test the waters' sooner under new SEC proposal

Business Insider

3 Mar6 minute listen

Shira Ovide: Lyft Confirms What We Know and What We Don’t


14 Mar4 minute listen

Alex Webb: What Uber Really Gets From Selling a $1 Billion Stake


18 Mar4 minute listen

Shira Ovide: Lyft Fills In Some Blanks, But Not the Big One


21 Mar3 minute listen

Cantillon: Investors in denial still gambling on overvalued tech stocks

The Irish Times

24 Mar6 minute listen

Shira Ovide: Is Pinterest Growth Enough for Obsessed Investors?