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Brexit: Economic Impacts

Arguably the most important and far reaching impact of Brexit is the thing that controls everything else, the economy.


14 Feb6 minute listen

Brexit has not caused much economic damage. Until now

The Economist

6 Jan7 minute listen

David McWilliams: Why Brexit might not be as bad as feared

The Irish Times

11 Apr5 minute listen

Chris Giles: Brexit is like a slow puncture for the UK economy

The Financial Times

15 July7 minute listen

Stephen King: Wartime austerity gives us a clue about the harsh economic price of Brexit

Evening Standard


20 July7 minute listen

Wobbles in Britain’s housing market may augur something worse

The Economist

7 Oct5 minute listen

Olesya Dmitracova: Brexit fantasy that weak pound would boost the economy not the reality

The Independent

25 Oct5 minute listen

John FitzGerald: The relentless downward spiral of Brexit

The Irish Times