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Brexit: Financial Market Impacts

What do you get when you mix ‘complicated’ with ‘difficult’? The financial markets trying to work out Brexit. In this story we focus on the main talking points and gradual progress in overcoming one o...

6 Feb4 minute listen

Lionel Laurent: Brexit Delivers a $400 Trillion Market Truce


19 Feb3 minute listen

Lex: Brexit/derivatives trading: walk this way

The Financial Times

20 Feb4 minute listen

Retail investors at risk in Brexit dual-listing tussle

The Financial Times

19 Mar6 minute listen

Gillian Tett: A transatlantic front opens in the Brexit battle over derivatives

The Financial Times

21 Mar5 minute listen

Lionel Laurent: Hard Brexit Means a Hard Border for 6,000 Stocks


27 June4 minute listen

Tail Risk: EU plans to tighten derivatives rules rankles in the US

The Financial Times

1 Aug4 minute listen

Elisa Martinuzzi: Barclays CEO Jes Staley Gets a Brexit Lifeline


5 Aug6 minute listen

Ben Wright: Relentless attacks on Mark Carney a threat to our financial stability

The Telegraph