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Brexit: Inside the Business Impacts

If you could describe Brexit in one word, all-consuming could be the perfect fit. This is perhaps more evident in business than any other element of society.

Dec 20182 minute listen

Cantillon: How the humble Irish chipper could fall victim to Brexit

The Irish Times

23 Jan13 minute listen

The Big Read: UK-EU trade - a trucker’s guide to post-Brexit disruption

The Financial Times

12 Feb13 minute listen

The Big Read: Brexit - no-deal fears fuel Irish business anxiety

The Financial Times

5 Mar6 minute listen

Brexit uncertainty drives insurers to waste time and money

The Financial Times

14 Aug9 minute listen

Will a no-deal Brexit compel car makers to move overseas?

The Telegraph

15 Aug8 minute listen

Why premium and luxury car brands have more reasons to stay in Britain than to go

The Telegraph

2 Oct7 minute listen

Cliff Taylor: Why Johnson’s plan for two borders is unlikely to fly

The Irish Times

7 Oct5 minute listen

Olesya Dmitracova: Brexit fantasy that weak pound would boost the economy not the reality

The Independent

14 Oct10 minute listen

Brexit and the Decline of Brand Britannia

Bloomberg Businessweek