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Can a Wealth Tax Help Solve Inequality?

Wealth taxes have exploded in popularity. But is the policy an effective way of raising revenue? Or would it simply lead to an exodus of the most wealthy people?

27 Nov1 minute listen

Series Intro: Can a Wealth Tax Help Solve Inequality?


4 Feb6 minute listen

David Leonhardt: What’s Really Radical? Not Taxing the Rich

The New York Times

31 Jan3 minute listen

How Elizabeth Warren’s Proposed Tax on Wealth Would Work


17 Nov7 minute listen

Chris Johns: Billionaires – what are they good for?

The Irish Times

14 Nov6 minute listen

Noah Smith: France Tried Soaking the Rich. It Didn’t Go Well.


27 Oct6 minute listen

Stephen Mihm: A Wealth Tax Could Deliver a Happiness Dividend


27 Nov< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Will a Wealth Tax Work?