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Can Netflix Be Dethroned as the King of Streaming?

Netflix is preparing for war. But so are their titanic rivals. With companies such as Disney and Apple, there is little doubt that the war could get bloody fast.

1 Aug14 minute listen

The Streaming Video-on-Demand War Is Going to Get Bloody

Bloomberg Businessweek

12 May5 minute listen

Tara Lachapelle: Settle In, Disney's Next Act Is About to Begin


14 May5 minute listen

Tara Lachapelle: Complex Hulu Deal Simplifies Things for Disney


13 Aug7 minute listen

Tara Lachapelle: CBS and Viacom Reunite Just in Time for a Media Fight


20 Aug6 minute listen

Matthew Field: Apple will need more than $6bn to win the TV streaming wars

The Telegraph

22 Aug7 minute listen

Tara Lachapelle: Buying HBO Was the Easy Part for AT&T


19 Sept7 minute listen

‘Seinfeld’ for $500m? ‘The Big Bang Theory’ for $1bn? The streaming arms race has a problem

The Washington Post

16 Oct5 minute listen

Shira Ovide: Netflix Approaches Critical Test of Its Viability


3 days ago5 minute listen

Tara Lachapelle: Disney+ Launches With 'Super-Bundle' Dreams