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Can Rent Controls Help Fix the Housing Market?

As rents soar, people are struggling to pay for accommodation. Is the solution a legal cap on what landlords can charge? Or is this the cause of the next crisis?

Sept 20191 minute listen

Series Intro: Can Rent Controls Help Fix the Housing Market?


July 20197 minute listen

Stephen Mihm: Rent Control Used to Work – During Wartime


Sept 20199 minute listen

Leonid Bershidsky: Berlin’s Rent Cap Is a Case of Communist Amnesia


Sept 20195 minute listen

Noah Smith: Too Much Rent Control Is Asking for Trouble


Nov 20195 minute listen

Henry Blodget: Sanders' call for 'rent control' may sound good, but it's a lousy idea

Business Insider

Sept 2019< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Will Rent Controls Work?