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Deutsche-Commerz Merger

Creating a superbank: Germany’s largest Investment & Retail banks consider a merger

4 Apr3 minute listen

In a Nutshell: The proposed merger of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank


21 Jan5 minute listen

Ferdinando Giugliano: A Truly Terrible Idea for Deutsche Bank


30 Jan5 minute listen

Elisa Martinuzzi: Can Cerberus Win in Germany's Bank Graveyard


3 Feb3 minute listen

Lex: Deutsche Bank - could be wurst

The Financial Times

7 Feb6 minute listen

Fixing Deutsche Bank: Inside German Push for Commerzbank Merger


14 Feb3 minute listen

Lex: Commerzbank - vorsprung durch didactic

The Financial Times

4 Mar15 minute listen

The Big Read: Deutsche and Commerzbank - why Berlin is backing a merger

The Financial Times