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Disrupting Finance

31 Oct10 minute listen

Big banks couldn't beat Monzo – so they are building their own instead

The Telegraph

17 Oct7 minute listen

Digital upstarts muscle in on US core banking services

The Financial Times

18 Oct9 minute listen

The companies cleaning up thanks to your data

The Telegraph

15 Oct7 minute listen

Gareth Wilson: Banks are falling hopelessly behind in the race to fast and free payments

The Telegraph

16 Oct9 minute listen

What can we learn from Sweden, the ultimate cashless society?

The Telegraph

10 Oct7 minute listen

Harry de Quetteville: How friendly fire during WW2 triggered slow death of the pound

The Telegraph

11 Oct6 minute listen

Islamic fintech pioneers test creative ways to engage consumers

The Financial Times


4 Oct8 minute listen

The rise of the financial machines

The Economist

2 Oct6 minute listen

How Revolut shocked rivals with its plan to hire thousands and expand into 24 territories

The Telegraph