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How Juul became the King of Vaping

Smoking is famous for its horrible side effects, but two master’s students from Stanford managed to spawn a $38bn company from their addiction.

20 Sept< 1 minute listen

Series Intro: How Juul became the King of Vaping


Nov 20185 minute listen

Stanford Pals Hit the Jackpot With Juul's Meteoric Rise


July 20186 minute listen

Juul e-cig is a ‘genie you can’t put back,’ anti-tobacco leader says

Business Insider

Aug 20189 minute listen

Why E-Cigarette King Juul Acknowledges It Has Failed


Oct 20186 minute listen

John Gapper: Nicotine is a healthier habit than tobacco

The Financial Times

17 Sept8 minute listen

Trump’s FDA Delayed Regulating Vaping Until the Crackdown

Bloomberg Businessweek

26 Sept7 minute listen

Analysis: Changes at the top of Juul Labs give tobacco veterans upper hand

The Financial Times

20 Sept< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Juul, Vaping King?