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How to Grow the Game: Rugby World Cup 2019

During the 2015 World Cup, Japan earned a reputation for causing on-field upsets. As hosts in 2019, they will want to avoid a similar reputation off the pitch.

20 Sept1 minute listen

Series Intro: How to Grow the Game: Rugby World Cup 2019


13 Sept6 minute listen

Analysis: The surprising success of world cup rugby in Japan

The Financial Times

17 Sept5 minute listen

Beer-Guzzling Rugby Fans Are About to Invade Japan’s Bars

Bloomberg Businessweek

16 Sept6 minute listen

Brian Moore: World Rugby needs to make big changes after World Cup if the game is to grow

The Telegraph

10 Oct6 minute listen

Paul Hayward: World Rugby have failed in their duty to complete the pool stage

The Telegraph

20 Sept< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Growing the Game - Rugby World Cup