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What Is Causing Ireland's Housing Crisis?

2019 was a year of records for the Irish housing market, that is, if you count record homelessness and record-high rents. Is there any hope of a solution?

10 Sept1 minute listen

Series Intro: What Is Causing Ireland's Housing Crisis?


July 20188 minute listen

Eoin Drea: Our property market is still broken –that means trouble ahead

The Irish Times

Sept 20188 minute listen

David McWilliams: Dereliction is legalized vandalism for the property-owning classes

The Irish Times

Oct 201811 minute listen

Fintan O'Toole: Snobbery is at the root of the housing crisis

The Irish Times

8 Apr13 minute listen

The changing face of Irish home ownership – who wins, who loses?

The Irish Times

9 July3 minute listen

Cantillon: Institutional investors - villains or heroes of housing woes?

The Irish Times

12 July7 minute listen

Conall Mac Coille: Foreign investors have been made scapegoats for our housing crisis

The Irish Times

17 July7 minute listen

John McCartney: Ireland’s housing market is stabilising, despite claims to the contrary

The Irish Times

29 July6 minute listen

Cliff Taylor: We need affordable homes, not unaffordable loans

The Irish Times

2 Oct6 minute listen

Jennifer O'Connell: Drafting Google in to help our homeless crisis should make us nervous

The Irish Times