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Is a Jail Term Part of Boris's Brexit Strategy?

21 sacked MPs, a politicised Queen and defiance of parliament. What exactly is Boris doing? Is there a method to his madness or has he simply run out of options?

11 Sept1 minute listen

Series Intro: Is a Jail Term Part of Boris's No-Deal Strategy?


29 Aug5 minute listen

Boris Johnson’s Parliament Suspension Prompts Growing Backlash

The New York Times

8 Sept6 minute listen

Analysis: Johnson stokes Brexit flames by sticking to aggressive strategy

The Financial Times

11 Sept5 minute listen

Therese Raphael: The Queen Gets Dragged Into the Brexit Quagmire


24 Sept6 minute listen

Catherine Barnard: The Supreme Court has given Parliament real teeth

The Telegraph

29 Sept3 minute listen

What is a motion of no confidence - and how does it work?

The Independent

11 Sept< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Boris's No-Deal Strategy