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Is Ireland Failing as Europe's Data Regulator?

Is Ireland's love affair with tech getting in the way of its role as a data regulator? Despite receiving over 3,000 complaints, Ireland is yet to issue a fine.

12 Sept1 minute listen

Series Intro: Is Ireland Failing as Europe's Data Regulator?


Aug 20186 minute listen

Karlin Lillington: Data commissioner will need to show mettle dealing with Google

The Irish Times

Sept 20186 minute listen

Karlin Lillington: Right to be forgotten key to regulatory scrutiny of internet giants

The Irish Times

Oct 20184 minute listen

Irish regulator set to probe Facebook over cyber attack under GDPR

The Financial Times

Nov 20187 minute listen

Karlin Lillington: If Facebook’s top executives can’t control it, how can Ireland?

The Irish Times

14 Mar7 minute listen

Karlin Lillington: Is Ireland taking its role as Europe’s data watchdog seriously?

The Irish Times

23 May5 minute listen

Lionel Laurent: Ireland Is Being Tech-Shamed, for Good Reason


12 Oct3 minute listen

Cantillon: Is Ireland breaching EU rules by underfunding data regulator?

The Irish Times

12 Sept< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Ireland Europe's Data Regulator?