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Can Netanyahu Survive the Israeli Elections?

Israelis go to the polls for a second time this year in September. Will controversy prevail with a Netanyahu victory or is the country ready for a change?

17 Sept< 1 minute listen

Series Intro: Is Netanyahu Invincible or Has Israel Had Enough?


29 Mar8 minute listen

Binyamin Netanyahu: a parable of modern populism

The Economist

30 May6 minute listen

Netanyahu Takes Israel to Election Unknown on Coalition Fail


4 Sept8 minute listen

Scandals, Rivals and U.S. Tarnish Netanyahu’s Aura of Invincibility

The New York Times

13 Sept4 minute listen

Zev Chafets: Netanyahu’s West Bank Ploy Could Tip the Election


17 Sept< 1 minute listen

Conculsion: Is Netanyahu Invincible?


18 Sept6 minute listen

James Sorene: Lieberman's momentous decision spells the beginning of the end for the Netanyahu era

The Telegraph