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Is the UK Heading for a General 'Brexit' Election?

The chaos continues. The Tories have lost their parliamentary majority and a general election must now be held. But when? And, how will it impact Brexit?

3 Sept4 minute listen

John Rentoul: Boris lost his first parliament vote - prepare for an election in five weeks

The Independent

4 Sept6 minute listen

Tom Harris: Jeremy Corbyn holds the power now

The Telegraph

4 Sept9 minute listen

Politics Explained: Who would win a general election?

The Independent

5 Sept6 minute listen

Why Europe fears an early Brexit general election

The Telegraph

8 Sept6 minute listen

Analysis: Johnson stokes Brexit flames by sticking to aggressive strategy

The Financial Times

3 Oct3 minute listen

Analysis: Johnson plans to use the Queen to deliver an election broadcast for his party

Business Insider