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Is This the Election of Reckless Spending Promises?

Listening to the Tory and Labour parties spending plans it's easy to think Christmas has come early, but are these billion pound promises realistic?

14 Nov1 minute listen

Series Intro: Is This the Election of Reckless Spending Promises?


30 Oct5 minute listen

Tim Wallace: Nobody will take the Tories election promises seriously if borrowing runs riot

The Telegraph

11 Nov6 minute listen

Editorial: The truth behind the Tory-Labour spending row is that neither party is right

The Independent

13 Nov7 minute listen

Therese Raphael: The British Election’s Trillion-Pound Question


18 Nov8 minute listen

Stephen King: Vote-hungry politicians are bewitched by the spendthrift’s siren song

Evening Standard

20 Nov7 minute listen

Analysis: Liberal Democrats aim to tax and spend in a big way

The Financial Times

22 Nov9 minute listen

Therese Raphael: How Jeremy Corbyn Plans to End Market Capitalism


14 Nov< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Are Spending Promises out of Control?