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The Jeffrey Epstein Saga: Child Sex, Princes, & Jail

Rarely does admitting two counts of underage prostitution not lead to a federal indictment. That, of course, is unless you're Jefferey Epstein.

Aug 20192 minute listen

Story Intro: The Jeffrey Epstein Saga: Prostitution, VIPs, & Jail


July 20196 minute listen

Editorial: Who Protected Jeffrey Epstein?

The New York Times

July 20198 minute listen

Mystery Around Jeffrey Epstein's Fortune and How He Made It


July 201913 minute listen

Joe Nocera: More Questions About How Jeffrey Epstein Got Island-Owning Rich


Aug 20199 minute listen

‘Massage’ Was Code for ‘Sex’: New Epstein Abuse Revelations

The New York Times

Aug 20196 minute listen

Why the Jeffrey Epstein Investigation Is Not Over

The New York Times

Aug 20199 minute listen

Ghislaine Maxwell: The missing woman who may hold the key to resolving Epstein's crimes

The Independent