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Labour Party's Antisemitism Problem

From MP’s resigning to Jeremy Corbyn’s support of questionable organisations to a damming Panorama documentary, Labour and Corbyn have gone from one antisemitism scandal to another, with no end in sig...

July 20186 minute listen

Robert Shrimsley: Labour’s anti-Semitism row offers a deeper truth about Corbyn

The Financial Times

Aug 20187 minute listen

Matthew Norman: Netanyahu is a bully--but only Corbyn cultists would say he’s wrong

The Independent

7 Mar11 minute listen

Benjamin Kentish: Why Corbyn has utterly failed to put the antisemitism crisis to bed

The Independent

8 July7 minute listen

Sean O'Grady: What on earth has the Labour Party got to hide?

The Independent

16 July6 minute listen

Richard Ferrer: The sinister truth about Labour's antisemitism crisis

The Independent

30 July4 minute listen

Lizzy Buchan: What would Labour have to do to remove Jeremy Corbyn as leader?

The Independent