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How Bad Is the US Housing Crisis?

The US is in the eye of the storm when it comes to housing, but who is to blame for the country’s housing crisis, and how can it be fixed?

12 Aug1 minute listen

Story Intro: How Bad Is the US Housing Crisis?


Aug 20189 minute listen

The Solution to Big City Housing: Change Nimby to Yimby

Bloomberg Businessweek

30 Jan8 minute listen

Why Technology Hasn’t Fixed the Housing Crisis

The New York Times

25 Apr5 minute listen

Conor Sen: Young People Can’t Buy Homes Until Older Owners Move


17 Mar6 minute listen

Rana Foroohar: The Fed has exacerbated America’s new housing bubble

The Financial Times

3 July7 minute listen

Stephen Mihm: Rent Control Used to Work – During Wartime


30 July7 minute listen

Editorial: New York’s Public Housing Isn’t Getting Better

The New York Times

29 July12 minute listen

The Upshot: How ‘Developer’ Became Such a Dirty Word

The New York Times