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Making Sense of the Mueller Investigation

Understand the investigation into Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election - from Michael Cohn's sentencing to William Barr's appointment.


Dec 201813 minute listen

Much of the Mueller report is already public. What does it say?

The Economist

Dec 20185 minute listen

Michael Cohen sentenced to three years for hush money payments during Trump campaign

The Irish Times

Dec 20188 minute listen

Timothy O'Brien: How Donald Trump Got Caught in a Legal Vise


28 Jan10 minute listen

Indicting Roger Stone, Mueller Shows Link Between Trump Campaign and WikiLeaks

The New York Times

15 Feb6 minute listen

Barr Wins Confirmation -- and Power Over Mueller Probe’s Outcome


20 Feb10 minute listen

Inside Trump’s Two-Year War on the Investigations Encircling Him

The New York Times