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Follow the Biggest 2nd Quarter Earnings Results

Public companies - from Netflix to Goldman Sachs to H&M - report their 2nd quarter revenue and profit figures throughout July and August 2019.


18 July10 minute listen

Profits are down in America Inc

The Economist

27 June4 minute listen

Andrea Felsted: H&M's Unwanted Jumpsuits Can Bask in a Heatwave


16 July3 minute listen

Lex: Citigroup: upping the penny ante

The Financial Times

15 July5 minute listen

Christopher Williams: It's high time for Mike Ashley to end this very public spectacle

The Telegraph

16 July6 minute listen

Goldman stands out from rivals with equities trading rebound

The Financial Times

16 July5 minute listen

Sarah Halzack: Delivery Wars? Domino's Has a Plan for That


17 July3 minute listen

Alex Webb: Ericsson Blames the Analysts for Its Disappointing Profit


17 July3 minute listen

Lex: Netflix - house of cards

The Financial Times

18 July6 minute listen

Microsoft Earnings: Tech’s Quiet Giant Keeps Its Focus on the Cloud

The New York Times