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Here's What You Need to Know About SoftBank

SoftBank famously raised a $100bn venture capital fund in 2017. In one famous meeting with a Saudi prince, the funds founder and CEO, Masayoshi Son, was able to secure $45bn in just 45 minutes – or $1...

12 Aug1 minute listen

Story Intro: How SoftBank Raised a Second $100bn Fund, Vision II


Oct 20187 minute listen

Links to Saudi Arabia Leave SoftBank Chief in a Tight Spot

The New York Times

Dec 201815 minute listen

The Big Read: Lex in-depth - SoftBank’s credibility problem

The Financial Times


25 Mar15 minute listen

Masayoshi Son prepares to unleash his second $100bn tech fund

The Economist

24 Apr4 minute listen

Tim Culpan: Wirecard Deal Shows Masa's No Simple Opportunist


26 July4 minute listen

Tim Culpan: Spending a $108 Billion Checkbook Can Be Hard Work


8 Aug4 minute listen

Tim Culpan: Uber Is Biggest Loser in SoftBank IPO Returns; Slack Turns Down


19 Aug5 minute listen

Tim Culpan: Masa’s Visionary Sequel Has a Desperate Look


11 Sept5 minute listen

Chris Bryant: SoftBank and WeWork Are as Bad as Each Other