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Offshore, reform and legislation

3 Jan6 minute listen

Explainer: Google and its double Irish tax scheme

The Irish Times

Nov 20197 minute listen

Chris Johns: Billionaires – what are they good for?

The Irish Times

Nov 201912 minute listen

How FedEx Cut Its Tax Bill to $0

The New York Times

Nov 20196 minute listen

Noah Smith: France Tried Soaking the Rich. It Didn’t Go Well.


Nov 20195 minute listen

Andrew Hill: How do you decide who gets the chop in a professional services firm?

The Financial Times


Nov 20198 minute listen

How Warren's plan makes it nearly impossible for U.S. businesses to stash profits overseas

The Washington Post

Oct 201916 minute listen

To market, to market – How to value private company shares for transfer or sale.

Law Society Gazette