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Who Will Face Trump in 2020?

The prospect of being the candidate to defeat Donald Trump has rejuvenated many leaders within the Democratic party. A record 26 candidates have announced their bids to face him in the race for the Wh...

7 Aug1 minute listen

Story Intro: Who Will Face Trump in 2020?


27 June5 minute listen

Jonathan Bernstein: First Democratic Debate Shows What the Party Stands For


28 June5 minute listen

Jonathan Bernstein: Kamala Harris Just Taught a Debate Clinic. You’re Welcome.



25 July8 minute listen

Should political parties really let anyone run for president?

The Economist

29 July4 minute listen

Politics Explained: the Sanders Warren clash is one to watch in second round debates

The Independent

31 July4 minute listen

Andrew Buncombe: Did Warren and Sanders make a secret pact before Democratic debate?

The Independent

1 Aug7 minute listen

Frank Bruni: Debate Disappointment - I Wanted So Much More From Joe Biden

The New York Times

13 Sept6 minute listen

Jonathan Bernstein: Showdowns? Knockout Blows? Not in This Debate.


16 Oct8 minute listen

Jennifer Rubin: Tuesday's debate vividly demonstrated just how fluid the Democratic race is

The Washington Post