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The Race to Face Trump: Candidates

The 2020 presidential election is perhaps the most anticipated in American history, when you consider social media, the record number of candidates and Trump, it's hard not to focus on such an importa...

10 Feb8 minute listen

Warren Declares 2020 Bid With Famous Strike by Women as Backdrop

The New York Times

25 June11 minute listen

How Elizabeth Warren Learned to Fight

The New York Times

16 Jan9 minute listen

Gillibrand, Senate Advocate for Women’s Causes, Joins Presidential Race

The New York Times

21 Jan7 minute listen

In Iowa, Gillibrand Uses Small-Town Roots to Sell Electability

The New York Times

21 Jan10 minute listen

Kamala Harris Joins Democratic Presidential Field

The New York Times

11 Feb7 minute listen

Klobuchar Enters 2020 Presidential Race

The New York Times

5 Mar6 minute listen

Hickenlooper Says He Is Running in 2020, Citing a ‘Crisis of Division’

The New York Times

14 Mar6 minute listen

Beto O’Rourke Enters the 2020 Presidential Campaign

The New York Times