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The Story Behind the Growing Antitrust Movement

Are we living in an era of big corporations and little competition? Many economists and politicians believe we are. So, what do they plan to do about this?

Sept 20191 minute listen

Series Intro: The Story Behind the Growing Antitrust Movement


Nov 201810 minute listen

Across the West powerful firms are becoming even more powerful

The Economist


Sept 20186 minute listen

Noah Smith: Economists Gear Up to Challenge the Monopolies


Nov 20186 minute listen

David Leonhardt: The Monopolization of America

The New York Times

Dec 20187 minute listen

Noah Smith: The Battle Over Monopoly Power Is Just Beginning


Feb 20196 minute listen

Rana Foroohar: America’s new antitrust agenda

The Financial Times


Oct 20196 minute listen

The Thinking Behind Chris Hughes’s New Anti-Monopoly Crusade

Bloomberg Businessweek

Nov 20195 minute listen

The Web Might Be a Monopolist’s Best Friend | Noah Smith


Dec 201911 minute listen

Hollywood Shows How Antitrust Laws Can Flop | Virginia Postrel


Sept 2019< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Story Behind Antitrust Movement