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The Story of Volkswagen's 'Dieselgate' Turnaround

Remember the slogan "Clean Diesel"? Well, ever since Volkswagen's 2015 emissions scandal, you don't really see those two words side by side. And for good reason.

Apr 20175 minute listen

In a Nutshell... Volkswagen emissions scandal


Jan 201813 minute listen

The Big Read: What went so right with Volkswagen’s restructuring?

The Financial Times

Apr 20183 minute listen

Volkswagen Now Has a Big Chance to Slash Costs and Sell Stuff


July 20188 minute listen

VW v Siemens: Why the carmaker is stumbling after its scandal

The Financial Times

Aug 201814 minute listen

The Big Read: Car emissions scandal - loopholes in the lab tests

The Financial Times

Aug 20186 minute listen

VW Gets Really Serious About Tech Acquisitions


30 Jan8 minute listen

Volkswagen’s plan to kill off Tesla

The Financial Times

27 Feb8 minute listen

How crisis helped VW take on Tesla and tech titans

The Financial Times

24 Sept4 minute listen

Chris Bryant: Volkswagen’s Boss Deserves a "Worst Sense of Timing" Award