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Trump Impeachment Inquiry - Who Will Win?

Many have gotten the impeachment inquiry they have long demanded. But, will they now get the result they want? Or, will Trump survive and emerge stronger?

25 Sept1 minute listen

Series Intro: Trump Impeachment - Will It Take down the President?


23 Sept9 minute listen

Timothy L. O'Brien: Trump’s Ukraine Call Runs Some Impeachment Traps


25 Sept6 minute listen

Eli Lake: Why Trump Relishes the Upcoming Impeachment Battle



26 Sept21 minute listen

The move towards impeachment marks a dangerous shift

The Economist

27 Sept7 minute listen

David Priess: Should the House impeach Trump just over Ukraine? Or for more?

The Washington Post

10 Oct9 minute listen

Analysis: Trump’s Sweeping Case Against Impeachment Is a Political Strategy

The New York Times

31 Oct4 minute listen

The Post's View: Impeachment is going public. Republicans will find it harder to hide.

The Washington Post

16 Nov9 minute listen

Fintan O’Toole: How Donald Trump will survive impeachment

The Irish Times

13 Nov8 minute listen

Editorial: Republicans’ Best Defense Is a Bad Offense

The New York Times

20 Nov4 minute listen

The Post's View: ‘Everyone was in the loop’ - Gordon Sondland makes two stunning points

The Washington Post