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WeWork: Is the Future of Real Estate Worth $47bn?

WeWork promises that the future will be WeWork with We-gyms, We-events and We-schools to add to their WeWork office portfolio. But is ambition alone worth $47bn?

28 Aug1 minute listen

Story Intro: WeWork IPO: Is the Future of Real Estate Worth $47bn


30 Apr7 minute listen

WeWork Files for IPO, Joining Wave of Cash-Burning Startups in Going Public

The New York Times

July 201815 minute listen

The Big Read: Why WeWork does not deserve a $20bn price tag

The Financial Times

Nov 20187 minute listen

DealBook: Why WeWork May Have Its Landlords in a Corner

The New York Times

8 Jan5 minute listen

Laurent and Ashworth: WeWork's Junk Bonds Are Telling Us Plenty


11 Sept5 minute listen

Chris Bryant: SoftBank and WeWork Are as Bad as Each Other


17 Sept6 minute listen

Harry de Quetteville: Messiah CEO and magic horses – but WeWork is a just a typical tech bet

The Telegraph

24 Sept5 minute listen

Shira Ovide: A New CEO Isn't the Only Thing WeWork Needs