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What Is Causing the Vaping Deaths?

A crisis has emerged within the vaping industry. 6 deaths and over 380 cases of illness are being investigated, but no one is quite sure what the cause is?

Sept 2019< 1 minute listen

Series Intro: What Is Causing the Vaping Deaths?


Aug 201911 minute listen

The Mysterious Vaping Illness That’s ‘Becoming an Epidemic’

The New York Times

Sept 20188 minute listen

E-cigarettes are almost certainly better than smoking

The Economist


Sept 20194 minute listen

The Post's View: Everyone should be alarmed by the vaping crisis

The Washington Post

Sept 20198 minute listen

Trump’s FDA Delayed Regulating Vaping Until the Crackdown

Bloomberg Businessweek

Oct 20198 minute listen

Anthony L. Fisher: Banning legitimate vaping is 'absolute madness'

Business Insider

Sept 2019< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Vaping Deaths