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What Will Trump Achieve from an EU Trade War?

Trump's all-out trade war has seen allies in Europe being caught in the firing line. No country is escaping his America First policy. Will there be casualties?

June 20186 minute listen

Rana Foroohar: Donald Trump picks the wrong trade fight

The Financial Times

17 Feb6 minute listen

Rana Foroohar: Donald Trump’s ill-timed rift with Europe

The Financial Times

4 Apr6 minute listen

Ferdinando Giugliano: Keep an Eye on Trump's Other Trade War


9 Apr4 minute listen

Chris Bryant: Now Is Not the Time for a Boeing-Airbus Trade Row


11 July5 minute listen

Lionel Laurent: Donald Trump Throws a Tax Bomb at Emmanuel Macron


19 Aug6 minute listen

Paul Krugman: The World Has a Germany Problem

The New York Times