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Who is Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro?

Is Jair Bolsonaro the 'Brazilian Donald Trump'? The leader has drawn comparisons with several outspoken statements and promises to drain the swamp.

30 Aug1 minute listen

Story Intro: Who is Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro?


Oct 201815 minute listen

The Big Read: Opponents fear ‘wrecking ball’ Bolsonaro's threat to Brazilian democracy

The Financial Times

8 Jan8 minute listen

Anthony Pereira: How Jair Bolsonaro can be stopped from trashing the Amazon rainforest

The Independent

21 Jan5 minute listen

Brazil Is Back in the Game, New Leader Will Tell Davos Investors


20 June6 minute listen

Investors will shun chaotic Brazil until signs of progress

The Financial Times

1 July7 minute listen

Benjamin Fogel: Brazil’s anti-corruption drive exposed as corrupt – it could bring down Bolsonaro

The Independent