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Who Will Lead the Labour Party out From the Ashes?

It was their worst election since 1935, multiple strongholds were lost, and internal conflict portrayed a party in chaos. Can a new leader save Labour?

Dec 2019< 1 minute listen

Series Intro: Who Will Lead the Rebuilding of the Labour Party?


Dec 20197 minute listen

The infighting will be vicious and long – but Labour has to reconnect | Peter Mandelson

The Independent

Dec 20194 minute listen

The FT View: Labour needs to break the grip of the hard left

The Financial Times


Dec 20195 minute listen

Politics Explained: How important are the trade unions in the Labour leadership contest?

The Independent

14 Jan7 minute listen

Anne McElvoy: He’s charming and clever but to lead Labour Keir must show his steely side

Evening Standard

Dec 2019< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Who Will Win the Labour Leadership?