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Why is Germany on the Brink of Recession?

Is it possible to have too little debt? The current state of the German economy may answer this question, with the European powerhouse just inches from a downturn.

11 Sept1 minute listen

Series Intro: Why is Germany on the Brink of Recession?


19 Aug6 minute listen

Paul Krugman: The World Has a Germany Problem

The New York Times

22 June9 minute listen

The demise of Deutschland AG: Germany's once untouchables are gripped in crisis

The Telegraph

27 Aug9 minute listen

Jeremy Warner: Time is running out for Germany... can it be persuaded to change?

The Telegraph

2 Sept4 minute listen

Editorial: Germany’s Obsession With Fiscal Prudence Needs to Go


12 Sept7 minute listen

Philip Stephens: Germany hides the awkward truth about the euro

The Financial Times

11 Sept< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Germany Heading For Recession?