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Why Private Equity is Falling in Love With Football

Football fans rarely see their club as a business. But many profit-seeking private equity funds are turning to the beautiful game. Will they score a positive return?

10 Jan1 minute listen

Series Intro: Why Is Private Equity Investing in Football?


6 Jan6 minute listen

Soccer Will Never Be Anything More Than a Vanity Play | Alex Webb


Nov 20196 minute listen

Man City’s record valuation shines a spotlight on the strange world of football finance

The Telegraph

Nov 20197 minute listen

Silver Lake’s journey: ugly tech to the beautiful game

The Financial Times


Oct 201916 minute listen

The Big Read: AC Milan and Elliott - the hedge fund trying to crack Italian football

The Financial Times


10 Jan< 1 minute listen

Conclusion: Will Football Be Profitable for Private Equity?